Advanced Business Solutions


ABSemi is one of the most knowledgeable suppliers of used electronics manufacturing equipments. 

We specialize
in semiconductor manufacturing process, metrology and test equipments

We acquire
equipments from leading electronics manufacturers all around the world

We provide
comprehensive solutions to serve the needs of the global electronics manufacturing industry

We offer
equipments and related services, either on a tool by tool basis or as part of an integrated package

Our Model for success

Experience and Technical Understanding:

  • We do our homework to fully understand the customers technical and manufacturing requirements. 
  • We match those requirements to the available Fab lines and tool sets around the world.
  • We bring all necessary resources and experiences to ensure your success


ABSemi maintains a global alliance network of experienced and reputable organizations to ensure a prompt resolution of any technical or logistic issue that may occur during the sale and related business.


Provide semiconductors industry with a professional support to maximize the benefit of “Used market strengths”

Create value for our customers by identifying and securing manufacturing equipments that are matching both their production and technology requirements. We strive to increase our customers capability to buy and sell reusable tools through our complete understanding of the buyers requirements and sellers capabilities.